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About Us:

Healthy relationships make for better lives, more stable families and a stronger society. All couples have the right to have the strongest start to their marriage, the chance to nurture their relationship and find support when things get tough. The Catholic understanding of the person as loved by God, and as called to love, relationship and deeper community lies at the heart of why Marriage Care exists.
We are all in relationships – whether they be good or bad they affect us all.

Broken relationships cause pain and hurt and can lead to loneliness, depression, homelessness, debt and reduced life chances for children. In fact, we know that today over 3 million children will grow up in lone parent households and an estimated 1 million children will grow up without meaningful contact with their father. Family breakdown is a pathway to poverty with lone parent families 2.5 times more likely to be in poverty. Family breakdown leads to poor outcomes for children and increased mental health issues for adults.

Children from fractured families are twice as likely to have behavioural problems and more liable to suffer depression, turn to drugs and alcohol and perform worse at school and have far higher risk of living in relative income poverty.

This has to change – healthy relationships make for better lives. Everyone needs the chance to start their relationship with the best possible foundation and the chance to restore their relationship when they hit bumps in the road. We’ve been supporting couples on their relationship journey for over 70 years.

We’re the largest faith-based provider of relationship support services in England and Wales, committed in all aspects of our work to sharing the real joy of the Catholic understanding of marriage and family life, as good news for all people.

Working across England and Wales our team of 700 trained and passionate volunteers provide marriage preparation and relationship counselling at a low cost through our 50 centres and 100 counselling locations.

Marriage Care is dependent on voluntary support to run our services and fund training. We urgently need to bring everyone together to help us recruit and train more counsellors and find supporters so that more couples can access our services.

Together we can achieve a vision of a society in which adults can form and sustain healthy marriages and committed relationships.

Marriage Care is primarily delivered by our dedicated and qualified volunteers. In order to recruit and train these fantastic peopole, we need your support to raise money, so they are able to positively benefit the lives of thousounds of others accross the country. 

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